SEO Firm

    For most business owners, the idea of focusing heavily on search engine optimization while controlling all other areas of the business in general really isn’t feasible. Instead, it is much more effective and efficient to work with an experienced, reliable and capable SEO firm.

But with so many service providers to choose from, how can you be sure that the SEO firm you choose is right for your business?

     Here at The SEO, we don’t shy away from difficult questions when it comes to the qualities of a high-end SEO firm. So if you are in the process of deciding which SEO firm to work with, we strongly advise asking the following questions before making your final decision:

1 – Who Have You Worked with in The Past?

First of all, it should be no problem for any experienced SEO firm to provide an extensive and impressive list of past and current clients. From this list, you should be able to get a good idea as to exactly how experienced the SEO firm is, along with the type of experience they have.

2 – How Will You Improve My Rankings?

The world’s leading experts highly recommend staying away from any SEO firm that isn’t willing to freely and openly explain their working methodologies in detail. A reputable and capable SEO firm will always be both willing and enthusiastic to tell you exactly how they plan to improve your position in the rankings and summarily boost your business in general.

3 – Do You Work in Accordance with Search Engine Guidelines?

The major search engines – Google in particular – are extremely specific when it comes to the kinds of SEO tricks and tactics they do not allow. As such, any SEO firm worth your business should be fully aware of such guidelines from top to bottom and work in strict accordance with them at all times. You must remember that if your chosen SEO firm breaks the rules, it is your business that suffers as a result.

4 – Will My Website Definitely Take the Top SERP Spot?

A trick question – any SEO firm that promises you the top spot with any of the major search engines is an SEO firm you really want nothing to do with. While it’s possible to guarantee vastly elevated rankings and performance, promising the number-one position is both unprofessional and irresponsible.

5 – Do You Also Provide Local and Mobile SEO?

Right now, the major search engines are paying closer attention to mobile and local SEO than ever before. A leading SEO firm will know that optimization for search engines is far from one-dimensional and must be approached from multiple angles for maximum benefit.

6 – Do You Offer an Introductory Trial?

Last but not least, another tell-tale sign of an SEO firm that may not have your best interests at heart is one that insists on heavy up-front payments, or entering into long and binding contracts. Ideally, it is wise to only ever work with those that offer a free trial, or introductory periods.

The SEO is proud to operate as an SEO firm that ticks of all of the above boxes – get in touch with our customer service team today for more information.