SEO Consultant

Hiring an SEO consultant can be one of the most important and beneficial decisions of any business will ever make. It’s one thing to have a great website – it’s something else entirely to have a website that pulls in plenty of traffic. The right SEO consultant can ensure that your website gets the exposure it deserves, but it is important to remember that not all SEO consultants are of the same caliber.

Anyone can launch a website and call themselves an SEO consultant – only those that tick all the right boxes should be taken on by your business.
So if you’ve made the decision to work with SEO consultants for your own business, exactly what should you be looking for in a qualified SEO consultant?


First of all, it is generally true to say that the more experience an SEO consultant has, the better. Newly-founded SEO consultants may have plenty of knowledge and enthusiasm, but without genuine experience in the field it can be difficult to provide high quality services. As such, it is always advisable to work with an experienced SEO consultant, rather than a newcomer.

Comprehensive SEO Knowledge

It is also important to remember that search engine optimization works at three levels – all of which must be fully understood by the SEO consultant. High-quality SEO consultants will be fully versed in technical optimization, on-page optimization and off-page optimization alike. It is not enough to work with an SEO consultant that takes a one-dimensional approach to SEO – the SEO consultants you work with must be masters of SEO at all levels.

A Strong Track Record

While the vast majority of SEO consultants will always sing their own praises, a leading SEO consultant will not hesitate to provide evidence. Or in other words, it’s not enough for SEO consultants to talk up their strong track record – they must be able to prove it when put to the test. It shouldn’t be a problem for a leading SEO consultant to provide case studies, success stories, examples of feedback and largely anything else to prove them to be an authority in the subject.

Full Marketing Competencies

Given that SEO represents an arm of a wider marketing strategy, SEO consultants must also be savvy in all relevant areas of marketing in general. It’s not enough for SEO consultants to treat SEO as if it exists in a vacuum. Instead, a capable SEO consultant knows exactly how SEO fits in with a wider marketing strategy and can devise solutions accordingly.

White-Hat Focus

Quite simply, working with SEO consultants that are not exclusively dedicated to white-hat techniques means putting your business in danger. There isn’t a responsible SEO consultant in business today that would consider black-hat techniques, which are becoming increasingly severely punished by the major search engines.


Last but not least, it is also important to work with an SEO consultant that is as flexible as possible. This means an SEO consultant that works in accordance with your needs, your current situation, your targets and your budget. The more flexible an SEO consultant is, the better for your business.

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