On-Page Optimization

     On-page optimization – also referred to as SEO on-page – represents the single most important and the very first element to consider when it comes to SEO. The term ‘on-page optimization’ refers to absolutely anything that can be done across the pages and behind the scenes of any given website, with the intention of improving SERP rankings. On-page optimization is almost always used in conjunction with off-page optimization, which refers to efforts that do not take place on the site itself – link-building being a primary example.

     Here at The SEO, our on-page optimization or SEO on-page services begin with a comprehensive analysis of your website as it exists today. Chances are there are already several strong on-page optimization elements at work, but at the same time there may be those that are actually working against you.
There are multiple considerations we take into account when devising effective on-page optimization or SEO on-page strategies – ultimately pulling all the pieces together to deliver one outstanding on-page optimization program.

Detailed Technical Audit

     For example, we will search for signs of broken internal links, 404 errors and 302 errors, which have the potential to work against on-page optimization. Part of our SEO on-page service provision is that of ensuring that your site is as free from errors and smooth-running as possible.

Website Performance & Usability Audit

     The same also goes for page loading and for user experience – of critical importance as part of an on-page optimization strategy. The reason being that the major search engines fully take into account exactly how long it takes for each page on your site to load and factor this into their SERP rankings. In addition, readers do not respond kindly to slow and sluggish websites.

Ingenious Keyword Targetting

     Another key element of an effective SEO on-page strategy is intensive and intelligent keyword research. It’s not until you go about a professional SEO on-page program that you realize the most obvious keywords for your website and business may not in fact be the best. Likewise, there may be additional keywords of enormous value you have not yet discovered.

On-Page Elements & Copywriting

Of course the most important element of your website as a whole and a key contributor in terms of SEO on-page is your site’s content. Succeeding with SEO on-page means having a website that is rich in extremely high quality and relevant content, produced in accordance with the most valuable keywords and key phrases.
Comprehensive on-page optimization services
Here at The SEO, we specialize in bespoke on-page optimization developed in accordance with your needs, your goals and your budget. We begin each on-page optimization with a series of tailor made audits of your site’s current performance, in order to determine exactly which SEO on-page elements to focus on.
We improve both website and SEO performance by implementing a wide variety of tried and tested on-page optimization techniques – all of which are white-hat and are guaranteed not to put your site at risk.

For more information on our on-page optimization or to discuss anything to do with SEO on-page, get in touch with our customer service team today.