How does localization differ from translation?

It’s simple really – when you go about a website translation, you are effectively converting the text from one language to another. Localization takes things to entirely different level by fully considering the culture of the target demographic.

With translation being mostly about converting the text, we, at TheSEO, invested in building a team of experienced native speakers who are able to deliver culturally and industry-specific localization services.

We can do this in multiple of languages for numerous of business niches. And we can do that fast!

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We combine extensive knowledge in various businesses with a genuine passion for what we do, with everything you have to tell us about your audience’s behavior in order to display on your web pages a text that will not simply be translated but also intelligently customized.

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Localization of a website means factoring in anything and everything of importance and relevance to the intended target audience, which may differ from that of the original target audience.

For example, when targeting an Arabic nation may include removing any mention of alcohol from the original text.  If the original text featured the names of any given landmarks or features in the home country of the business, localization would mean substituting them for relevant alternatives in the target region.  In addition, it can also mean taking into account local dialect, slang and cultural references in general.

Lost in Localization?

While a website translation can certainly have its value, it simply doesn’t compare with localization. To truly understand the difference simply compare one word-for-word translated site, against localized translation where meaning and context were taken into account. Non-localized, the entire message may be quite literally lost or transmitted wrongfully.

Localization is particularly important when it comes to sales and traffic generation. Demonstrating familiarity with local makes the customers respond instantly to what you are telling them on your webpage. No confusion, guessing, efforts to interpret or simply closing the page, as with plainly translated text by someone who speaks the language – native or just fluent.

In simple terms localization:

  • gives you the opportunity to branch out internationally
  • improves brand reputation and authority
  • can be a highly powerful sales and marketing tool
  • ensures you outshine and outperform the competition

This can be a costlier process, however, extremely worthy business investment, especially if you want to convert leads.

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